Tuesday Talk

The reality of growing up can be a hard pill to swallow, especially when you look at that vision board from two years ago and feel like you're no where close to where you thought your life would be. Some days, I feel like life just is a routine of doing what I can to make it through another week. Then,  when I feel like I've accomplished so much, it's still never enough to be an A only a B-.

How you feel about your life has a lot to do with what is going on in your life. If you feel life your work is never good enough, you will never be happy with the time you invested in your work. The truth of the matter, is when you have done your best, that is  all you have to give. 

You have got to be patient with yourself and know that everyday you are alive means that God hasn't given up on you and you cannot afford to give up on your dreams even if everyone else has. Motivating yourself to believe in your passion when life seems so inconsistent can take so much energy out of you but it also can give you so much life.

The other day, I was preparing for a self portrait photoshoot and put a little bit of make up on (which I rarely ever do). I looked at myself in the mirror and I fell in love with the woman I'm becoming. She was someone who took charge over her negative thoughts, she got excited for every sporadic sale, and refused to get tired of believing in herself. She was me. How I felt changed instantly once I put effort into taking care of myself. 

There is power in the little things that make you feel good if only for a second, because in that second you see that feelings are not reality. They are a reaction which means that you are in control of how you respond. Evaluate gets under your skin, what makes you feel terrible about yourself, and what drains you. Find out how you can invest your energy in things that will change your attitude. You grow at the rate that you invest in yourself and if you want to truly grow up, it's time to take a look at where you spend you energy.