Ethics in Fashion

Ethics and fashion in the same sentence? Going into this industry I knew it would be cut throat but I didn't really understand what goes on behind the seams. Prior to becoming aware of the impact of fast fashion, knockoffs never seemed like a big deal. After all, not everyone can afford a bag that costs $15,000 or a blouse for $500.

You get what you pay for but how do you compromise when what you desire is out of reach? Consumer's struggle between what is in and out of their control. We need or want something that we can't afford so we either settle for what's attainable or forgo it altogether.

At first glance, fast fashion stores are benefitting consumers by making us believe that we are getting great deals when behind the scenes, we'd rather turn a blind eye to where and how things are made because "that's just how the world works." No one wants to spend a fortune on something that they can find for a cheaper price elsewhere.

Reading about Aurora James really made me start to think about how messed up things are. The fact someone else can profit from your creativity because of power is wrong and the fact that small companies and independent designers who get ripped off by big names can't afford to fight back because of finances is crazy.

It's hard to fathom because the issue goes beyond clothes to being a moral stance on integrity. In this digital age, accountability is rare. Is there a way to escape the cycle of consumerism? Even if you do purchase something that is organic or sustainable, how can you be certain? With a problem so huge how do we even address originality and sustainability in the global fashion market?