One of the biggest lessons I've come to learn is that I am capable of so much more if I only maximize my potential. Fear, guilt, and other  vibes that life brings our way have a way of clogging up space that clouds our vision and makes it hard to believe in yourself. When you're aware of yourself, you can create your reality and boldly declare what you will and will not allow in your life.

I'm a go getter and that makes me believe in myself so much like the world can't stop me! When I have faith that something's going to happen, nothing can break that. (It's great to go hard for what you want!) The problem arises when things don't happen in the way I expect them. That's when I get down. I believe in something so much that when it doesn't work out it hurts terribly.

I have to understand that there's beauty in the process.  Whenever setbacks arise know that you're growing into your greatness. Just because the door doesn't open with the key you've been fussing with for years--that key you just KNEW would get that door opened--doesn't mean that you don't possess the right key in your hand. Know that there are so many more keys in your hand! You just have to open your mind and see that there's so much that you have right in front of you.

Don't get defeated when cloudy circumstances rain on your parade. Create your sunshine.