Finding Balance in Your Personal Best

(Mini recipe: Quick and Easy Kale Salad with Mango, Grapes, and Oranges- all you have to do is clean and cut up your fruits and veggies!)

How do you find balance? I used to think that happiness was the key to guiding my day. If it tastes good, if it looks good, if it feels good than life's good! lol Time and time again, I came across quotes like "Just do what makes you happy!" only to come up disappointed in the end. The thing about it is, doing whatever makes you happy all the time will cause you to live in a false reality. It'll result you feeling like the world revolves around your emotions.

That's not the way to live. Everything that tastes good isn't good for you. Every opportunity that looks good may not be right for you, and every situation or relationship that feels good may not be beneficial.

It came to a point where I honestly had to realize that my habits were not allowing me to be my best. Starting projects and getting excited only to dump them months later, giving up on illustrations or designs that frustrated me. I wanted to do everything and ending up getting nothing done. Keeping myself busy didn't necessarily make me productive.

As a result of keeping myself busy, I never took time to rest and refuel. Everything was about what was the fastest and easiest option. Just imagine how much a bad diet on top of improper stress management would take a toll on your well being. Hey acne breakouts! 

Day by day, I'm trying to finish what I start and make an effort to organize my mind and space. Dumping out junk and incorporating good vibes and behaviors that will help me to remember to breathe and stop freaking out as much when things don't go according to plan.

Overindulging in what makes you happy and avoiding things that challenge you is the fastest way to remain mediocre. I'm fighting that everyday and realizing that it's okay to be okay with doing one thing at a time. Be humble enough to learn from others who have mastered the areas you KNOW that you're struggling with. That doesn't make you slow and it does't mean that you're incapable of balancing more. It just means that you fully understand the importance of being present in a world that's always on to the next one.