I absolutely love Carvel ice cake! Yes, I've had Dairy Queen and Coldstone's ice cream cake but I'm all for the classic chocolate and vanilla. The worst part about buying ice cream  cake is freezer burn, because you can't tell until you cut into the cake. Today I'm going to share how I made these no bake cupcakes! Perfect for a summer social!

24 Cupcake Pan
Cookie Tray
Butter Knife, Tablespoon
1 1.5qt Vanilla Ice Cream
1 1.5qt Chocolate Ice Cream
Nabisco Chocolate Wafer
7.5 oz Smuckers Magic Shell
16oz Cool Whip
Optional (Food Coloring and Sprinkles)

*Make sure all of your materials are cold prior to use! My recipe was adapted from this one found on Food Network.

1. Soften the Vanilla Ice Cream for about 10 mins. Using a tablespoon, dish one scoop into each cupcake (A tray of 24 yields about 18). Pack the vanilla so it is flat but not melted. Place it back in the freezer for another hour.
2. Pulse the Chocolate Wafers about 5-6 times. Insert cookies little by little until everything is crushed to crumbs but not too fine. Add the Smuckers Magic Shell and pulse 3 more times. Set the cookie mixture aside in a bowl.
3. After the hour is up, take the cupcakes out and place a layer of cookie crumbs so it lays flat (while still leaving space for the chocolate ice cream to be added later. Set it back in the freezer for another hour.

4.Soften the chocolate ice cream for about 10 mins prior to taking the cupcakes and crunches out of the freezer. After, add one scoop of ice cream to the top of each cupcake. Place back in the freezer overnight to set.
5. To remove the cupcakes, use a butter knife (run it under hot water first) and wipe the bottom of the cupcake pan with a warm towel.

6. Place the mini cakes on a cookie tray and let it set for an hour. After they are firm, ice the cupcakes using Cool Whip and feel free to add sprinkles and food coloring to make it more festive! Just be sure to work in a timely manner so they don't melt while you are working. Once you are finished decorating, freeze until serving!