DIY Alice + Olivia Vase

I fell in love with this mug years ago from the 2013 Alice + Olivia and Starbucks collaboration! Though I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough before it sold out, I kept seeing pictures of it on Pinterest and decided to give it a shot! Find out how I made my own flower vase below!

-White, Black, Gold Acrylic Paint
-Soda Bottle (can be glass or aluminum)
-6in width Black Tulle
-Painter's Tape (Optional)
-Hot glue gun

1. Clean out the soda bottle.

2. Paint the bottle white and wait until it dries.

3. If desired, use painter's tape to create stripes, about 1.25 in wide. (I decided to freehand mine and it still looked cute!) The first stripe that covers the bottom of the bottle will be black. Alternate colors until you have 4 black and 4 white stripes.

4. After the paint dries, paint three gold buttons and a black bow on the second white stripe from the top.

5.  Cut 2 strips of tulle about 10 inches wide. Fold  the tulle in half so you have 4 strips about 3 inches wide. Pleat the tulle to fit the circumference of the bottle. Hot glue the pleats to hold them in place.

6. Once the bow and buttons are dry, hot glue the tutu to the black row under the gold buttons. When the tulle skirt is secured, Paint over the hot glue with black acrylic paint.

That's it!