5 Reasons Why You Cannot Give Up on Your Dreams

It's easy to get discouraged when things don't happen when you think they should. It's easy to beat yourself up and give on when your circumstances seem to overtake you. Remember when your parents would say "Anything worth having will not come easily?" Sure you've heard that before but do you understand that your value is in your mind? You have SO MUCH untapped potential that can only be found by working smarter. You determine what you can or cannot do and if you get discouraged in the process you can never get to your destination.

You simply cannot give up on your goals in life. Why?

1. Your dreams give you purpose.
2. You're a freakin boss!
3. The present is temporary.
4. You keep thinking about it. 
5. You're intelligent and fully capable of making things happen!

Even if your goals change along the way, you must know that you CAN make actionable goals because you are uniquely designed to fulfill that purpose. Now that we've both agreed that you're too legit to quit, go and be amazing!